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Transferring to 天易棋牌

Each year 天易棋牌 天易棋牌 welcomes more than 100 transfer students from community colleges and four-year colleges and universities. Our membership in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) makes transferring smooth and easy.

The friendly Midwestern campus, low student-faculty ratio and one-on-one advising makes 天易棋牌 a great choice for transfer students seeking a top education.

Students transferring to 天易棋牌 from another college use the same application and process as a high school seniors, with the exception that they may not apply for early decision.

Dual application

Students applying to Eastern Iowa Community 天易棋牌s (EICC) or Black Hawk 天易棋牌 (BHC) with the intention of completing an associate of arts program may apply to 天易棋牌 at the same time through 天易棋牌 Next.

What students say

David Mason
More Than I Imagined ? David Mason III
“CORE was truly an essential part of me landing the job I wanted.”
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Vince O'Meara
More Than I Imagined ? Vince O'Meara
“This is a place that sets students up for success.”
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Elizabeth Sloan
More Than I Imagined ? Elizabeth Sloan
“天易棋牌 has a wonderful support system and is full of professors and students who want you to succeed.”
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