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天易棋牌 at the top

Career outcomes 98%

98% of the 天易棋牌 Class of 2019 surveyed said?that they were in graduate school, employed or in professional service within six months of graduation.

Employed full time 74%
Continuing education 24%
Prepared to succeed 100%

Our students have what employers want

According to the National Association of 天易棋牌s and Employers, here are the top qualities and skills employers seek (along with our alumni stats):


Job Outlooks Survey

天易棋牌 statistics and comparisons are from the National Association of 天易棋牌s and Employers (NACE) 2016 data six months after graduation, unless otherwise noted.

Success of recent alumni

天易棋牌’s annual survey of alumni career paths months after graduating shows the percentage of alumni who are employed (including military, Peace Corps, etc.), in graduate school, or still seeking.

six months out
Six months out
Nine months out